Two From Musselman Family Retire

Pictured is Mr. Petik (left) and Mr. Emery (right) are two teachers from MuHS retiring this year. Photos by Elliot Aldrich.

Pictured is Mr. Petik (left) and Mr. Emery (right) are two teachers from MuHS retiring this year. Photos by Elliot Aldrich.

Elliot Aldrich, Journalist

As the years have passed, we’ve seen many teachers come and go that have left a lasting mark on MuHS. This year, we have at least two teachers who are finally putting up the boxing gloves and retiring. The two teachers retiring are Mr. Petik, who has covered a lot of subjects/professions as well as being a coach, and Mr. Emery, a math teacher. The Cider Press caught up with both teachers to talk a bit about their years here at Musselman.

Mr. Petik

Pictured is Mr. Petik, a special education teacher and coach at MuHS.

Q: How long have you been a teacher?

A: “I have been a teacher for about 47 years of my life”

Q: Any previous jobs or experiences before teaching?

A: “Nothing, maybe some part time jobs here and there but actual job no.”

Q: Since you’ve taught a lot of subjects, what was your favorite subject to teach?

A: “Definitely my favorite subject is PE, It’s also the reason I started teaching cause I couldn’t play myself”

Q: Any previous schools you taught at before MUHS?

A: “Popinoo Beach High School, Cardinal High, School Okeechobee High School.”

Q: Favorite memories of MUHS?

A: “The Baseball team in 2013, Helping kids, and a certain memory of a kid who I can’t recall the name of.”

Q: Any words for the current graduates before you leave?

A: “Set goals, achieve goals, stay on the road, and never lose those goals. Never forget where you came from and who loves you.”


Mr. Emery

Pictured is Mr. Emery, a math teacher at MuHS. Mr. Emery is in his final year of teaching.

Q: How long have you been a teacher for?

A: “47 years I’ve been a teacher.”

Q: Any previous job before becoming a teacher?

A: “Nothing really.”

Q: What is your favorite subject to teach?

A: “I teach math but I’ve always wanted to do business.”

Q: Would you recommend becoming a teacher?

A: “Yes, I definitely would.”

Q: Have you always worked at MuHS?

A: “South Middle and Martinsburg”

Q: Favorite memories of MuHS?

A: “Just working with others across the years.”

Q: Any words for graduates?

A:“Just Good Luck and work hard.”

Q: Do you have any big plans one you retire?

A: “Possibly some subbing, but I’d prefer to do something that has less hours.

Retirement is always a big thing in any job, but their legacy isn’t over. It’ll be passed down to every other teacher in that same classroom. We thank all previous teachers and today we especially thank Mr. Petik and Mr. Emery, and we give them our support in whatever they do in the future.