Musselman Senior One of Three Berkeley County Students to Place in National Program


Kendall Shepherd

Pictured is Kendall Shepherd, an MuHS Senior who recently won a spot into a national program that will give her access to scholarships in higher education.

Charlene Meador, Journalist

Kendall Shepherd, a senior here at Musselman, was one of only three students in Berkeley County to receive a candidacy for the United States Presidential Scholar Program.

The United States Presidential Scholar Program was started by President Lyndon B Johnson in 1964. It is typically presented to seniors who go above and beyond both inside and outside the classroom. This program will give students a chance to be offered scholarships to continue their education after high school.

Kendall stated that she first heard of this program through guidance, “I was approached by the counseling department who asked if I would be interested in applying.” In addition to other duties, the guidance counselors at Musselman help students make sure they are on track to graduate and succeed in life, whether it’s by helping them figure out what classes they need or preparing them for college.

After learning of the program, Kendall did some extra research and liked what she heard, “After receiving the initial application I did research and was interested in being a part of this great program.”

However, the work she had to do for the program would turn all but the most dedicated away. She stated, “I filled out a short paper and had to attach a written work or essay of mine for review by the county and the state. Then, I filled out a sixteen hour long application with five mini essays, a school assessment, and an activities sheet.”

The application wasn’t hard, but it took a dedicated mindset because of sheer time.

“The initial application was very simple, however the national nominee level application was very tedious and time consuming but not necessarily difficult,” she stated.

Kendall made sure there was no confusion about what this program is, “The US Presidential Scholar Program is actually not a scholarship, but it can open the door to scholarships. As a nominee I am very grateful for the opportunity and hope to become a semi finalist and finalist.”

A scholarship from the program would help Kendall pursue her goals for her future.

“I plan to attend Keuka College to get my undergrad in accounting as well as play golf and obtain my CPA before going to law school to become a probate and estate attorney.”

When asked if she had any tricks or tips for future applicants, Kendall replied, “I would recommend making sure that you keep track of all your activities, be super involved, and keep up with your academics.”

During her time at MuHS, Kendall has been involved in many extracurricular activities since her first year, “I have been involved in student council and leadership since my freshman and sophomore year, National Honor Society, debate club, three sports consisting of golf, wrestling, track and field, and have assisted with numerous other clubs and societies.”

Overall, Kendall put both the time and effort forward and has more than deserved the reward.