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Tennis Snapshot
March 15, 2024
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Stanley Tumblers
March 14, 2024

Ms. Uppercue Joins for 2023-2024 School Year


The 2023-2024 school year at Musselman High School has welcomed many new teachers, one of them being Ms. Uppercue, a lively addition to the PLC staffulty.

Ms. Uppercue’s journey into teaching started from her exposure in the school system through her mother. According to Uppercue, this helped her develop a strong passion for helping students challenged in the classroom. This passion led her to pursue a career in education with the goal of making a positive impact on students’ lives.

After graduating from Shepherd University, she went straight into teaching with this being her first year of experience. As a Musselman alumni, Uppercue indicated that this position was very special for her with her long history in the community both graduating and doing her student teaching within the school.

She mentioned that the supportive community and encouraging staffulty is one of the key reasons for choosing Musselman High.

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Ms. Uppercue described herself as outgoing and extroverted, bringing a fresh perspective to Musselman High’s classrooms. She emphasized engaging teaching methods and meaningful connections with her students.

Unlike traditional teaching, Ms. Uppercue prefers hands-on and group activities to make learning dynamic and enjoyable. Specializing in math, she wants to show that the subject isn’t boring and difficult but something that can be made fun and understood, drawing inspiration from her accountant father for her passion for math. Her innovative approach reflects a commitment to challenging students and fostering a positive attitude toward education.

“Taking those moments to stray a bit from the worksheets and whatnot and just taking time to not only to learn about math in a more hands-on way but also talking about our lives and how to be better people has been some of my favorite moments so far. A lot of students lead interesting lives and I love to have those glimpses in,” stated Uppercue.

She has also tried to reach students outside of her classroom, actively participating in the local and school community through her involvement in leadership and student council activities to contribute beyond academic boundaries.

Looking back on the current school year thus far, she is happy with her ability to have an impact on her students. She’s optimistic about the future and excited to contribute to the growth of the Musselman High School community with hopes of becoming a principal one day and hoping for a long and impactful career in education.

Outside the classroom, Ms. Uppercue is a daring individual who enjoys spending her free time outdoors, traveling, attending church, and gardening. Her open, adventurous personality is showcased by her travels to Zambia and her many hikes throughout the mountains. Ms. Uppercue’s commitment to creating a positive and dynamic learning environment. Uppercue hopes to set the stage for an exciting chapter at Musselman High School, promising continued innovation and connection within the school’s educational landscape.

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