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Tennis Snapshot
Tennis Snapshot
March 15, 2024
Stanley Tumblers
Stanley Tumblers
March 14, 2024

Deep Dive With Ms. Palmer


This is Ms. Palmer’s second year of teaching French here at Musselman high school. She loves spending time with her students, and doing fun things with them.

Q: Why did you pick to teach French?
A: “Well, I took French for five years, middle school and high school. I’ve always loved it, and my teacher was really good.”

Q: Why did you pick to teach at musselman?
A: “Musselman was looking for teachers and reached out to me, so I applied, and it’s pretty close to where I live.”

Q: What was your backup, if not French Class?
A: “Well I went to college to teach Choir, but I didn’t particularly like it and figured it wasn’t for me, but as I said earlier, Musselman reached out to me.”

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Q: What is your favorite thing to do with the students?
A: “I love having conversations with you guys, I love when you can share about your lives, things that you’re interested in. I love to play games, learn content through that avenue, as opposed to a textbook.”

Q: What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?
A: “I do enjoy making music, I’m trying to get back into that. This past semester I was in a choir outside of school, and I really enjoyed that. But it is kind of hard to have hobbies with this job.”

Q: Have you been to France? What was it like?
A: “I’ve gone to France three times, the most recent time was for a work trip. I love France, especially the culture. It was really cool going this last time, because I felt way more confident with my language skills.”

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