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Jenna Freeman works on filling out the scheduling paper for next year. MUHS students can expect to complete their scheduling choices within the next few weeks.
Scheduling for 2022-2023 School Year: What to Know
Tyler Kidwell, Journalist • January 13, 2022

Scheduling can be a rough time for a student, especially for those who never had a chance to do it in person. Due to covid last year scheduling was done via an online form. That form then needed to be printed off and turned into the office. Many students did complete the form; however, for kids who either...

Mrs. Kleppner, now former head principal at Musselman High School.
Mrs. Kleppner Leaves Musselman to Continue Reaching Students
Tyler Kidwell, Journalist • December 7, 2021

Our principal, Mrs. Kleppner, has recently announced that she will be leaving her position to move on to a new job. While she will be sorely missed, her memories and accomplishments will be forever remembered. Mrs. Kleppner has been at MHS for...

Musselman Pets
Musselman Pets
Alivia Armel, Journalist • January 6, 2022

Pets. Some people have them, some don't. They have the power to brighten your day and cure sadness with a soft hug and cuddle.Here at Mussleman, the students and staff have a variety of unique pets. The students and staff seem to really love their fur...

Matt Mahood, MUHS JV basketball player.
Boys JV Basketball wins big over Jefferson Cougars
Addison Branson, Sports Journalist • January 13, 2022

On Tuesday January 4th, ourĀ  MUHS boys JV basketball team took on the Jefferson Cougars. People came out to support the team, making it the...

Nathan La Liberte and Jacoby Hanes, senior Musselman High School football players at the last game of the 2021 season.
Homecoming Game Brings the End to the 2021 Musselman Football Season
Chloe Womble, Sports Journalist, Photographer • November 9, 2021

Ra! Ra! Ra! It was spirit week at Musselman High School last week. A wonderful way to end the week was our homecoming game. This was not only...

Review: All About Scratch
Review: All About Scratch
Zakery Foard, Journalist • January 11, 2022

Scratch is a coding website created in 2007. Mitch Resnik, the creator of Scratch, was inspired by the work in the Computer Clubhouse (Go to...

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Mr. Thomas, a business teacher at Musselman High School. He also runs the student store with some of his business classes.
Mr. Thomas cashes into Musselman
Tyler Kidwell, Journalist • November 4, 2021

Mr. Thomas is the new business and marketing teacher. He has taken the place of the previous teacher, Mrs. Beddow, who now works as head librarian....

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Boys JV Basketball wins big over Jefferson Cougars


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