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March 15, 2024
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March 14, 2024

Tis’ the Season: A Look at Teachers Traditions

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Here at Musselman High School, the spirit of the holiday season is coming into full swing that extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. As the winter chill settles over us, the dedicated educators of Musselman High School are celebrating both in their classes and in their homes. In this festive exploration, we delve into the heartwarming and diverse holiday traditions cherished by the teachers of Musselman High School, discovering how these passionate educators infuse the spirit of Christmas into their lives and classrooms.

Q: How do you typically celebrate Christmas?
A: (Ellewanger) I LOVE listening to Christmas classics because it reminds me of my childhood. I also kept a lot of my families old Christmas decorations, so I devote my basement and my tree down there to all of those decorations. I love the nostalgia and look forward to decorating in mid-November.

Q: Are there any specific traditions or rituals that are a must for you during the holiday season?
A: (Ellewanger) One big tradition is Christmas Day brunch that I host at my house. It started out informally when I was younger and living at my parents, but I have continued it and it’s grown a bit and become an expected event.

Q: Do you have any favorite holiday memories or moments from past Christmases?
A: (Pavlik) Whenever I’ve had time to get together with the entire family, I have a pretty large family so it’s not often I get to do that.

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Q: How do you decorate your classroom for Christmas, and what is your favorite decoration?
A: (Sullivan) I have a tree and some lights. I love the different ornaments that have been given to me for my tree over the years

Q: What do you personally enjoy most about the Christmas season?
A: (Ellewanger) What I enjoy most about the holiday are not the gifts, but I love all of the events leading up to Christmas Day, like the South Berkeley Christmas parade, looking at Christmas lights/displays, Christmas concerts here at school, holiday parties with friends….things like that. I also enjoy making and sharing baked goods. I try to make sure I’m engaging in as much as my schedule allows!

Q: Is there a particular aspect of Christmas that holds special meaning for you?
A: (Pavlik) Not necessarily around Christmas but I really like the concept of New Years and fresh start, just having a blank slate every year.

Q: Favorite gift you’ve received or given?
A: (Ellewanger) “My favorite gift when I was younger was an Atari, which was the “big” gaming system back in the day. My siblings and I would play those games for hours!!

Q: Are there any community or school events related to Christmas that you actively participate in?
A: (Sullivan)  I always find ways of giving where needed in the season. I help the History Club with Wreaths Across America.

Q: Favorite Christmas movie?
A: (Pavlik) I wanna say Elf but that seems pretty basic so I’ll go with Rudolph, the claymation version.

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