Musselman’s “Human Calculator”


Kelly Pritt

Pictured (right) Boden Shepherd, a MuHS sophomore that has a knack for calculating math on the spot.

Kelly Pritt, Journalist

Boden Shepherd is a sophomore student here at Musselman High School, who has a 4.5 GPA, and has earned the title “human calculator.”

Boden is sixteen years old and a part of the ACE team and tennis team here at MuHS. He is also the fifth alternate for Math Field Day this year. Boden has won county Math Field Day three times, placed second twice, and has gone to regionals Math Field Day. He is in AP US History, biology, chemistry, and English honors classes.

Mrs. Jarrett, a math teacher at MuHS, has stated that Boden is her “human calculator,” hence the name origin. She says, “Boden excels in so many areas of math and the application of it, but one stand out observation I have made from working with him is his facility in mental math. He is amazing at seeing numbers, patterns, and processes in his head. He is like a “human calculator! This does not mean he is perfect, knows everything, or that he never makes a mistake. It just means he maths like a rockstar!”

Boden is a TA for Mrs. Jarrett and she claims she is fortunate for it: “He wants to be a professor and numbers love him as much as he easily relates to them.”

When asked about the nickname, Boden stated, “Oh, I love that name. It’s great! I love it because I’m good, I’m good at my job.”