Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observed at MuHS


Aaliyah Peyton

Students in Mrs. Butscher’s class learning how MLK Jr. Day relates to more than just the observation of the day.

Skyy Kuykendall and Aaliyah Peyton, Journalist

Within Musselman High, American history teachers take are taking a moment to, in all differing ways, educate their students on black rights within America. As a whole, one of the American history classes is currently discussing America’s pre-civil rights era. Best stated by Mussleman High history teacher, Ms. Butscher, “The current topics in which we are discussing, such as the history of black rights before and after the civil war, are the foundations of what the great civil leaders such as MLK and Malcolm X contributed in the 50s. We cannot discuss those names until we can learn the history of why the oppressed are oppressed.”

Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15th, 1925, and is commonly known as the civil rights movement leader that took America by storm in the 50s. As accustomed within America, we celebrate the life and legacy of MLK’s work on January 16th, including the civil rights movement. People celebrate MLK day in various ways, one being to educate those on the events of the civil rights movement and how it affects everyone today.

Student opinion and education take the forefront of importance when it comes to discussing the topic of January 16th. Student responses showed that the majority of those who showed interest in learning more about the history of civil rights, along rather do not register January 16th as MLK day showed more of a probability of not having an interest in trying to educate themselves on the oppression of peers.

Out of the 30 students questioned on their opinions about the day, 7 stressed the importance of education during the civil rights era and how it still holds relevance 70 years later. 19 registered the day’s importance to specific groups; however, they found it unnecessary to discuss mainstream any further, and 4 of those questioned saw no importance in the day as a whole.

These numbers show the clear issue of lack of importance to hold a remembrance of previous historical leaders who have made an everlasting impact on today’s America, such as Martin Luther King Jr. This can be problematic as holding these figures in recollection can prevent history from repeating itself, and it can help those who are ignorant to issues that are relevant be able to come to an understanding of those problems.