Show Choir makes MuHS History


MuHS Show choir taking the finals win at championships this year.

Nathan Durham and Richie Roberstson, Journalist

The MuHS Show Choir recently won championship finals: the first win in school history! This awarded them a tall statue in the front office and a cape engraved with past winners’ names. Upon interviewing Mr. Miller we were given a more detailed view of the win.

The performance itself was important to consider. What was the show about? Their chosen theme was a retro-video game everyone loves– Super Mario. The composition itself, Miller said, was difficult to produce. Adapting a platformer game into a musical stage performance is easier said than done, yet his students put in the hard work and dedication it took to make it the best they had ever produced.

Taking on the new season of competition was an obstacle, Miller acknowledged that the show took time to start coming together, as the process of laying out a story and music at the same time can be overwhelming. Though when they were presented with the award, it was not only an accomplishment, but an amazing surprise to the whole team. It was the third time they’d competed, and it seems their hard work paid off.

Finals themselves are not easy to get into. You go off the judges’ times, and you’re required to follow every little queue so as to not be eliminated. The finals require skill and experience, sleep is rare and those involved are almost constantly working. Thanks to the talented effort of Mr. Miller and his students, MuHS has finally won it’s place among the other competition winners.