MuHS Student Receives Full Ride to Princeton University


Kelly Pritt, Journalist

Amanda Hugas, a senior at MuHS, received the QuestBridge Scholarship. The QuestBridge Scholarship is a scholarship directed to students attend college on the financial end. Amanda heard about this scholarship her junior year but didn’t think she would apply.

Her senior year she decided to apply. By doing so, the QuestBridge Scholarship nonprofit organization will then match a student to a college that best fits their accomplishments from high school. To become a finalist you need to fill out an application and answer some questions.

Amanda matched to Princeton University with a full ride. To receive this award, Amanda had to participate in many leadership roles, earn awards, stand out in the community, as well as participate in school sports, clubs, and classes. She has kept a GPA of 4.5-4.8 over all four years of high school.

Amanda claims that Musselman has helped her greatly to receive this scholarship. She stated, “Mr. Showe and Mr. Golebiewski(Mr. G) especially. They highly encouraged applying to Princeton. Mr.G knew co-workers that went to Princeton, so he filled me in on do’s and don’ts, the admission process, and the community in general. Mr. Showe gave me the opportunity to join clubs and sports as well as receive award recognition.” We are wishing Amanda the best as she continues on to college after graduation in the spring!