Berkeley County Bond Vote to Benefit Schools


Tyler Kidwell, Journalist

If you have been wearing your listening caps you may have heard of rumors of a new high school; however, that is only a sliver of the truth. What’s actually going on is a proposed bond to build four new elementary schools, and other improvements for the school district. It will be voted on November 8th during the midterm elections. The proposed bond will be spending a total of $124,490,000 on these renovations and buildings if it is passed.

In addition to new buildings, the plan is to remodel and improve other schools which includes Musselman High School. Now the school will not get a remodel; however, if the bond is passed our school will get numerous improvements. These improvements include new security systems, intercom, fire alarms, turf for sports, track, and tennis court lights. While the impact upon our school is minimal, for other schools there will be massive overhauls.

While this is good, the price tag isn’t appearing out of thin air. According to an article from the Berkeley County School’s website, if the community decides to pass this bond, taxes will increase by $14.50 on average for the average homeowner, but this could vary depending on various different factors.

Taking the tax increase into consideration is a crucial part of deciding whether or not a person will vote to pass the bond, but no other factors influence it other than that. The raise in taxes is the only negative for voting for the bond.

According to Mr Valdasalice, a civics and history teacher at MuHS, stated, “Having a well repaired, and well funded school is in any community’s best interest.”

The same question was asked to multiple other teachers all in the history wing, and they all said the same thing.

Mr. Barrick sums it up the best by stating, “I don’t think you will find anyone in the school who would be against it. We need the money. The real question for people who vote for it is, ‘Do I want my taxes to go up in order to support public education?’”

So with all this out in the open, there is only one question that remains: will the bond pass or not? That question will not have an answer until the election results are revealed after Nov. 8th. It’s highly recommended that everyone casts the vote to ensure that the correct choice is made.