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Familiar Face to Teach New Topic

Familiar Face to Teach New Topic

The Cider Press is introducing our new staff with a fun Q&A this year. Starting off the interviews is Mr. Brant, one of our new full-time teachers this year at MuHS. Although he may have been in the building last year, he is now officially an upper classmen Forensics teacher, and a freshman science teacher.

Q: Do you have any past teaching experience?

A (Brant): “I started as a one day sub, then I went to two day assignments which eventually turned into week long assignments. I then took over for Mr. Stiles while he was on medical leave, after (that) I got hired on as a full-time co-teacher. This year I’m a full time teacher and I have my own classroom.”

Q: What are your emotions going forth as being a full time teacher?

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A (Brant): “Honestly, a little bit of everything. I’m so excited I have my own classroom, but I’m kind of learning everything on the fly. It’s a first year of teaching and first year of my own classroom, so it’s like I’m in survival mode. I am starting to get my barrings, and learning how I want my class to function.”

Q: If you could teach a different subject, what would it be?

A (Brant): “I’m going with science, I’m most definitely a science guy. I was a social science guy in high school, but I also have a very science orientated mind. Because of that, I’m very happy I’m teaching science this year.”

Q: Did you do any fun summer activities this year?

A (Brant): “This summer I was basically trying to prep for this school year. I did go on a mini vacation and I took my daughter, who is six, to her first concert. We went to see Noah Gallagher, down in Merryweather. I read, watched some history channels, and hiked. I love to hike in my free time.”

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Kelly Pritt is a sophomore at Musselman High School and is in her first year with The Cider Press. Kelly plays volleyball and throws for track for the Applemen. Her hobbies include reading, weightlifting, painting, and thrifting. Kelly’s favorite movie is Spider-man Homecoming. She enjoys anything and everything revolving around Halloween. After high school, Kelly wishes to go to Fairmont State and become a Forensic Medical Examiner.