Student Athletes: Kobe Hayslette


Karl Collo

Kobe Hayslette during the Springs Mills High School vs. Musselman High School game where the Applemen won 56-23.

Corissa Gifft and Brianna Edwards

At Musselman High School, sports are always accompanied with team spirit and participation, but the individuals that make up those teams help lead them to their goals. There are several players at Musselman High that all bring something to the table, be it determination, skill, passion, or even leadership.

October’s student athlete highlight is Kobe Hayslette.

Kobe is one of many star players on the Musselman football team who helps lead the team to success. As a 17 year old senior of the class of 2021, his current position as wide receiver has seen Kobe bring the team to great success. Current 2021 season stats for Kobe are 25 tackles and 2 sacks.

When asked how he thinks the team is doing so far, Kobe stated “We’re not starting off how we wanted to but we can still fix our mistakes.” His expectation for the Musselman Varsity football team is to go deep in the play offs and hopefully get a ring. Kobe has very high hopes for the team’s season with only five games left.

Starting at the age of 5, Kobe has loved playing football ever since.  To keep in shape and ready for the season regardless of the time of year, running and lifting have the been key workouts.

A fun fact about Kobe is that he also plays for the Musselman High baseball team as center field and is currently rocking a fabulous mullet.