New Teacher Interview: Ms. Kirkpatrick


Miss Kirkpatrick, English, Mythology, and Yearbook teacher at Musselman High School.

Each year, Musselman High School is fortunate to see new faces entering with the freshman class, but there are also new teachers and and staff as well.

The Ciderpress Newspaper has been hunting down the new teachers here at Musselman to make sure
we welcome them with open arms. We’ve been asking all the new teachers a bit about themselves so you can get to know each of them.  Today’s new teacher is Miss Kirkpatrick:


Q: Whats your favorite part about being a teacher?

A: Ms. Kirkpatrick’s favorite thing about teaching is helping students find what they love, even if it’s not their
favorite subject.


Q: Is this your first year teaching? If not what school did you come from?

A: This is Ms Kirkpatrick’s first year teaching at Musselman High School. Ms. Kirkpatrick moved from
Orlando, FL where she taught at Poinciana High School. There she taught 10th and 12th grade English,
yearbook , newspaper, and journalism.


Q: What classes do you teach here at Musselman?

A: Ms. Kirkpatrick currently teaches English 10, 11, Mythology, and Yearbook.


Q: What is a goal you hope to achieve as a teacher?

A: A goal Ms. Kirkpatrick hopes to achieve as a teacher is to see all students pass or feel successful in
learning. She also wants her students to be excited to learn.

Interesting facts:

Ms. Kirkpatrick use to work at Disney in Orlando, FL.