Kiss the Seniors Goodbye


Zakery Foard, Journalist

As the school year comes to an end, the current seniors are approaching graduation. One way students can show their appreciation for a senior is during Kiss the Seniors Goodbye week. Students can purchase Goodbye Kisses that will be given to a senior of their choosing. It is run by the National Honor Society.

When did we start celebrating Kiss the Seniors Goodbye?

Kiss the Seniors Goodbye originated in 2008. Mrs. Frankenberry, our former librarian, used to give out Hershey Kisses to a student or a Staff member every Friday. The sister of MUHS staff member, Ms. Brooks, thought it would be nice to have kind messages and Hershey Kisses sent to seniors to represent their graduation year.

How and where do I purchase a Goodbye Kiss?

To purchase a Goodbye Kiss, you must go to the concession stand during lunch. When you purchase one, you may write a message to be sent to a senior of your choice along with a bag of Hershey kisses. To send one Goodbye Kiss costs two dollars, and sending three Goodbye Kisses costs five dollars.

Why should I buy a Goodbye Kiss?

A Goodbye Kiss is a great way to give a senior a (literally) sweet goodbye. It shows them that you care and wish they have a great graduation; plus, who doesn’t love chocolate?

Be sure to send your senior friends a chocolatey farewell between April 25-29!