Curing the Winter Blues

Riley Shank, Sports Journalist, Photographer

Winter is currently in full spin whether it is to be snow or just plain cold outside. So many people struggle with the so called “winter blues.” These cold, gloomy days can sometimes make you want to curl up under your warm covers and stay there until the sun finally shines again. To try and help with your “winter blues” some of your fellow students provided some wonderful ideas to get rid of your sadness, like:

Sarah Price, a sophmore at MUHS, tends to one of her animals during the winter months to stave off the “blues.” (Riley Shank )

• Enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate
• Watch a movie with family/friends
• Take care of your animals
• Go to your winter sport activities like basketball
• Play in the snow with your siblings
• Help your parents shovel the driveway

Even some of our Musselman High School teachers, Mrs. Frame and Ms.Butscher, like to cuddle up under a blanket and watch a movie and have a warm cup of coco with their families. Now with being a teen, winters can be hard because playing in the snow can be like a “kidish” activity, but no go out and enjoy yourself. No matter your age just go out and find fun in whatever it may be and get yourself out of your “Winter blues’ so maybe the winters can be somewhat enjoyable.