Drip of the Month: Nike Air Force 1’s


Riley Shank

Student at Musselman High School wearing Air Force 1’s.

Faith Duerr, Journalist

Nike Air Force 1’s have exploded in popularity from 1982 to present time. Air Force 1’s were created by designer Bruce Kilgore. The designs range from animal prints, any design/color, tv shows/movies, and you can get an artist to design/paint/ custom

Anthony Moxley and Sydney Dugan show off their Air Force 1’s. (Riley Shank)

your shoes to your liking. When asked why air forces are liked so much, Kahlie Weadon, an 11th grade student at Musselman High School stated, “They’re liked so much because they go with everything.” Another student, Sydney Dugan, 11th grade, mentioned, “They’re comfy and you can dress them up and down.”

Styling your Air Forces’s really depends on how you personally like to style your outfits. While being interviewed, Alexis Edwards, a senior at Musselman, said she styles them with baggy jeans which is also a popular trend. The next person we interviewed, Anthony, said  “I can style anything and everything with them. I had 6 pairs at one point. Now I have camo and plain white. There’s also hightop and low top Air Forces.”

They are commonly seen on athletes and models. Not only are they trending worldwide but Air Force 1’s are worn by all ages. You’ll see babies, teenagers, young adults, and even grown adults wearing them! Although there have been small downfalls in its popularity, the shoe has remained at the front lines of fashion, as it continues to quickly sell out and produce new, exciting models of the shoe.

Student showing his Air Force 1’s during Musselman High School’s Spirit Week. (Riley Shank)