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“The Musselman Podcast,” a New Way of News


The burgeoning realm of podcasts, a rapidly expanding medium for news and entertainment, has experienced an explosive surge in popularity. In a world where more than 3 million distinctive shows captivate the ears of over 574 million avid listeners annually, according to Spotify, it is a pleasure to announce that our school’s broadcasting class is leaping into this vibrant landscape. Their brand-new podcast, “The Musselman Podcast,” launched on September 2nd and is hosted by students of Musselman.

To learn more about our new podcast we look towards a new face at Musselman, Mr. Welch, a teacher very well informed in the art of broadcast journalism, having spent 10 years writing for various papers on the topics of sports and business. After COVID changed businesses everywhere, Mr. Welch wanted a change from the negativity that was surrounding the economy and started to look for other things to do with his career. When questioned about his motivation for becoming a teacher he would go on to state, “My friend had told me about a substitution position at Mountain Ridge, I jumped at the chance and became a permanent sub for a couple years and once that was up I saw a position at Musselman that combined my two passions.”

When starting at Musselman he sought out to bring a new development in the Broadcast/Journalism class. This would later result in the creation of the Musselman Podcast.

ted to do something challenging that could be done over at least a semester and a couple kids had listened [to podcasts] so we came up with the idea of a podcast and sort of just learned on the fly. But honestly, I can’t take most of the credit for this, I give credit to the students one hundred percent, they’ve really ran with this idea,” stated Welch.

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“The Musselman Podcast” seeks to be a dynamic addition to the podcasting universe, with discussions on a wide array of topics. From the latest updates in local sports to insights into school activities and a variety of entertainment segments, the students at “The Musselman Podcast” do an excellent job on reporting up to date community related media.

In the initial few episodes, the spotlight shone on captivating interviews with both esteemed staff members and enthusiastic students. The subjects explored have ranged from discussing volleyball team, to information about our different clubs, to trivia and local sports picks with a beloved teacher in our community, Mr. Brown.

When asked about his plans for the podcast Mr. Welch had talked about taking it outside of our community and enrolling it in regional or national contests. The plan being to cover topics of importance such as gun culture once they get comfortable within school news and discussions. He had also expressed interest in having the outer community express ideas they wanted to see segments about, stating, “If anyone has any new ideas for segments or topics we’d love to hear, we’re always open to expanding this.”

Overall, “The Musselman Podcast” is something our school is very excited to present, with students and teachers alike all giving their best to give an entertaining and informative source of media for our community. Anyone can easily access their show on YouTube, under The Musselman Broadcasting channel, alongside the Musselman News network or on their Spotify page under the previously mentioned name.

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