March Artist of the Month


Hannah Catlett

Pictured is artwork by Hannah Catlett.

Nathan Durham, Journalist

The Cider Press artist of the month for March, 2023, is MuHS senior, Hannah Catlett. Hannah was nominated by one of her art teachers, Miss Burton.

MuHS student, Hannah Catlett was The Cider Press’s Artist of the Month. (Hannah Catlett)

Miss Burton felt that Hannah deserved this award as she stated, “She got it by growing so much from the beginning of the year! Hannah is a great student and an overachiever who really wants it. She is always striving to make the next (project) better than the last.”

She also stated that she can see how, now, Hannah is trying to express herself in her work.

Catching up with Hannah about some of her artwork, she stated that her biggest inspiration when it comes to art is her Popop.

Pictured is artwork by Hannah Catlett. (Hannah Catlett)
Pictured is artwork by Hannah Catlett. (Hannah Catlett)

“As a kid we would sit at the kitchen table and and would just draw together while listening to The Rolling Stones,” explained Hannah.

Hannah’s goal in life is to get into tattooing. She explained that she’s dreamed about it since she was 10: “I was watching my mom get a tattoo and it just flipped a switch in me.”

When asked about her art she said, “My favorite mediums to work with are definitely watercolor, colored pencil, and pen. Stippling is my favorite technique. The majority of my art is surreal. Creating something that is ‘abnormally normal’ makes me happy. The wackier the better.”