Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Spectacular End to Lackluster Marvel Phase 4

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Spectacular End to Lackluster Marvel Phase 4

Elliot Aldrich, Journalist

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever or Black Panther 2 is the last movie in the MCU Phase 4. So for being the finale to the lackluster Phase 4, the hope was that this movie brought back the Marvel sparkle.

Let’s get something outta the way first. This movie beautifully put two cultures in one movie; Hispanic and African cultures and communities are beautifully portrayed together. Already having Wakanda and then adding a new city, Talokan with Namor, was amazing.

So did this movie flop? No, definitely no. This movie hit hard and I’m glad it did. As I said the “lackluster phase 4” of Marvel has been pretty disappointing with only really having two other good movies, but enough about phase 4 let’s talk about the movie itself.

The movie begins with T’Challa’s funeral and much like real life actor, Chadwick Boseman, he passes due to a disease, but here it’s an unknown disease. This whole segment is amazingly done. The acting feels real and genuinely is a real tear jerker. I wondered what they were going to do for T’Challa’s death in this movie and I’ll say it’s done well.

A time skip happens and we see that Shuri is still coping with the loss of her brother, and the people of Wakanda are still bashing her for sticking her head in science and not tradition. Shuri’s mother or Queen Ramonda is dealing with issues due to revealing vibranium to the public back in the first Black Panther. However, Wakanda is not the only society having this issue. The secret Atlantic society of Talokan also has a big thing for vibranium as well.

The whole movie surrounds the tension rising between Talokan and Wakanda until it leads to the climax. Talokan wants Wakanda to help with their goals, but Wakanda refusing basically leads to a war.

In addition, the tension between these two peoples, the introduction of Iron Heart or Riri Willams is a big part of the film too. I won’t reveal too much of her part, but I will say she is a pretty well done character.

So that’s the stopping point if you don’t want spoilers. Hundred percent watch this movie. It’s a really engaging story filled with culture and great story writing.