Not Enough Horror, Too Much Love Story

Not Enough Horror, Too Much Love Story

Elliot Aldrich, Journalist

Halloween Ends is the “last” movie in the Halloween franchise, but let’s be honest we know that won’t be true.. That’s not what matters, but what does is the movie itself, so let’s get something outta the way: this movie had not enough horror, and way too much love.

The first issue is that they introduce a new character in the movie. Not like an unimportant character or someone just to be killed by Michael, no, a whole new character. Now this new character is the main character, even though this movie is advertised as the final showdown with Laurie and Michael. In the opening scene we see that the main character is a babysitter who has a very bright future ahead of him. The kid he’s been babysitting ever since last year after the events of Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kill, is mean and scared of Micheal Myers. To prove that the main character is a scaredy cat, the kid tricks him into the attic and locks him in there. He does get really scared and tries breaking down the door when the kid is right behind the door. When he kicks it down, the parents are coming back in the house. The kid drops to the floor and dies after being hit by the door.

I like the idea of the town being just shaken by Michael Myers so everyone is finding someone to blame, but this idea could’ve been done earlier in the series. Overall it’s not that bad. I also like how the opening is so sudden. I mean you watch Michael kill people all the time but this time it’s not him and it was accidental. It’s four years after the events of Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills and Laurie and Allison, her granddaughter, are doing great. Laurie is no longer making her homes fortresses and she’s finally over Michael Myers (kinda).

Now the main character is doing horrible, as his bright future is gone and he’s outcast by Haddonfield. I mean he’s getting bullied by senior band members. That’s embarrassing. No hate for the actors at all. They were good, but good acting doesn’t save a bad script.

So I’m gonna breeze through here. Michael Myers is so weak in this movie. I mean the main character can’t defend himself against band kids but he can manhandle Michael Myers? C’mon. Also the idea of Micheal having a partner is dumb. I guess Michael has powers because anytime he kills he regains his strength.

The kills are nice, but the dumb thing is that Micheal isn’t the one doing the killing– it’s the new main character wearing Michael’s clothes and mask.

But by far the worst part is how the movie is basically a love story. Who thought of this idea to make a Halloween movie a love story? I don’t care about Allison, Laurie’s granddaughter, and the new main character’s love story. I’m trying to watch Michael and Laurie duke it out, not an emo, edgy, murderer love story.

So in conclusion, save your money and don’t watch this expecting an epic showoff, because you’re not going to get it.