Updated Classroom to Allow for More Students to Take Baking


Tyler Kidwell

Pictured above is Mrs. McClintock teaching one of the baking classes at MuHS. Due to the high demand of students wishing to take baking class, one of the classrooms at Musselman was renovated.

Tyler Kidwell, Journalist

Near the end of the first semester, the construction of the new baking foundations classroom was finished. This class was created in order to accommodate the overflowing student interest. The room that once housed the life class, that was taught by Ms. McClintock, remains in her classroom for the new class. She took the position as she was used to teaching similar material in life class.

The room itself was necessary because of overflowing student demand for the class. Each year more students have signed up and even more students had to be turned down. The school board then decided to fund a new baking classroom to keep up with the demand. When the school was determining where the new class would be, they decided upon the life classroom, which was right next to the current Baking class room. The renovations began during the summer. For 16 weeks the classroom remained unfinished, and all classes during that time were taught in the LGI room. 

The baking class is not strictly baking, as it is known as Baking Foundations. In baking foundations, students will bake items and learn life skills as follows: problem solving, cooking techniques, safety in the kitchen, different recipes to cook at home, and the five mother sauces. The class will not be as advanced as higher level baking classes, according to Mrs. McClintock who claims, “We are going to start with basics, and that’s a foundation class. That is your bottom line. So that when you go to Mrs. Nauman for Baking I, you have all the basics out of the way, so you can get right into it.”

Mrs. McClintock now teaches the baking foundations class at the newly remodeled classroom. She felt it would be an interesting change for her professional teaching career. She has been teaching since 2010 at Musselman High School, and she has taught for a total of 25 years. She is the department chair of Career Technical Education. As this is her first baking class, she went to Mountain West Culinary school over the summer to prepare. Mrs. McClintock is optimistic about future years teaching the class feeling that kids will “see that it’s a different classroom without desks, so kids come in with a different perspective.”

Mrs. McClintock at the current time has no plans on her class assisting in the endeavors of Mrs. Nauman’s bakery. Mrs. McClintock however, still talks with Mrs. Nauman about getting kids involved with the catering portion of it, and helping out with events she plans. Overall, the new baking and foundations classroom will help with kids wanting to take the class, and give kids the opportunity to learn new skills in everyday life.