The Return of Vending Machines

Nathan Durham and Richie Roberstson, Author

Musselman High School has a new addition to its halls: vending machines. This was a draw dropper to most students, given they simply appeared before Winter Break. This has spawned a bit of confusion as to why they are there, what is to come and how they benefit our school.

We went to Musselman High’s, Mr. Golebiewski, and asked him a couple of questions.

An important first question was the purpose of the vending machines. In response, he mentioned providing additional options for certain students. With Musselman’s growing size, food and drink options become thinner. The vending machines are meant to give other students who might not have had the opportunity the option of a Pepsi or coffee.

A factor worth mentioning is their effect on the school. Most students are quite happy with the addition to the school, they’re being used frequently and provide the school with an extra source of income to benefit future endeavors.

The current vending machines only dispense drinks. Some students are asking if a food vending machine is on the way. Mr. G responded with a big “maybe.” The certainty of new additions to the school is never 100%, but given the sudden appearance of the drink vending machines, there’s always a chance we could be surprised.

Before the COVID-19 crisis, Musselman had vending machines for a long while. They were promptly taken down once school doors were shut. Although Mr. G was unsure of the answer, most signs point to COVID’s impact on the school. A possibility is that people weren’t able to stock them, so their purpose was eventually lost which led to their removal.

The prices of these drinks have fallen into a very large debate. We figured the staff had some opinions about it, Mr. G’s being that inflation and prices are what dictate how much the drinks are worth. Mr. Venable, a PLC teacher, mentioned convenience as well as supply and demand. Most students and teachers are unable to go to nearby stores to get a drink, so being able to grab one at any time should come with a cost. If students want more coffee, the prices will rise. There are many factors that dictate price, but most opinions show people have mixed feelings about them.

Whatever your opinion is on the vending machines, most can agree they are a good addition to the school. They have brought more options due to them, giving lunch time an extra twist. Be sure to look out for future food options in MuHS!