New Tradition to start at Musselman: Senior Time Capsules


Alivia Armel, Journalist

We have many traditions at Musselman High School from spirit days, Charm Review, and graduation. This year, in 2022, we are starting a new tradition for seniors! Thanks to the idea from a student in the Cider Press and a donation and sponsorship from the Youth Leadership run by Mr. Elliot, a new tradition will continue with every graduation class from this year on: a time capsule.

What is a Time Capsule?

A time capsule is typically a metal container holding objects from the current year that are then put in the ground. Years later, people will dig it up to view objects and items from the past. People can put valuable things in the time capsule such as pictures, house items, money and more.

What will be in our Time Capsule?

Scan this QR code to submit a photo to the senior 2022 time capsule. Submissions are due by April 1st.

For the MUHS senior class of 2022, each senior will be placing one photo of their choice into the time capsule. The picture must be from anytime while attending MUHS. Hard copies can be turned in to Rm 601. If you do not have a printed picture, you can submit it on the Microsoft form by scanning the QR code in this article or scan the QR code on the the flyer around school or on the Schoology senior page. The pictures must be submitted by April 1st, 2022.

When will the Time Capsule be buried? 

At a later date to be determined this year, the senior class will dig a hole somewhere on the grounds at Musselman High School and place the time capsule in. All seniors will be welcome to attend. A sign will be placed at the location. At the senior’s 5 year reunion, they will dig it up to then look through all the pictures and reminisce about their time here at MUHS.