Spirit Week: Get ready for a Roadtrip!


Cheyenne Faircloth, Journalist

Spirit week is fast approaching, and this year’s theme is a road trip!

Spirit Week starts next week on Monday, November 1st and runs until November 5th.

For our freshman and sophomores who haven’t been in the building for spirit week before- Spirit week is the week leading up to both our Pep Rally and Homecoming. It is an event used to boost morale and student spirit. During spirit week, each day has its’ own theme and these themes will fit into an even greater general theme. Students are encouraged to dress according to the daily theme to show spirit and earn spirit points for their grade.

This time spirit week is full of opportunities with the days being themed around road tripping to different cities in the America:

Monday is your day to show off your love for NYC,  by wearing your best New Yorker outfit, be it a local, tourist, cabbie or anything in between. You could even dress as the Statue of Liberty.

Tuesday is the day to show off your childish spark, by dressing as someone in Disney or Orlando Parks. This includes tourists or even the characters of those parks!

As for Wednesday, it’s time for you to go wild west, as our next stop is in Dallas. So, wear your flannel, jeans, and boots. If those aren’t your style, then get ready for the day by dressing for the rodeo.

Thursday, we’re stopping at Area 51, so be sure to dress your best as an alien or an agent in the FBI.

Friday is our Spirit day, so dress in the school colors, green, white, and red!

Dressing up for spirit week is just one way you can show your school spirit. There are other events such as PowedrPuff Football, a bonfire, and more. You can check out information on other spirit week events by checking the school website.