Coach Highlights: Interview with Coach Smith


Taylor Shroades, Sports Writer, Photographer

As school has come back in session and everyone has started back in their after school activities, sports have also made a come back. A huge highlight of our fall season so far has been our Musselman football team. Now that we have finished our 3rd game of the season, we’ve stopped in with some of the coaches and players to get an inside look at the team.

The Ciderpress Newspaper has gotten the chance to interview Coach Smith and learn some more about him. The following is what happened in the interview:

Q: “Whats your plans for this season?”

A(Smith): “To continue improving with every practice and game.”

Q: “How’s the season going?”

Coach Smith, Health teacher and Musselman football coach at Musselman High School.

A(Smith): It has been tough with all of the injuries we are dealing with right now and new players playing new
roles, but we are putting in all the work we can to improve.”

Q: “Who have been players standing out this season?”

A(Smith): “Though he is hurt right now, Jacob Miller is one of our best veteran players. He is a 3rd year starter.
Ray Adamas, who is currently a junior is also one of our best players.”

Q: “What team are you most excited to play?”

A(Smith): “We are very excited to play on the Morgantown field since it is so nice. We also always love to get a
win against Hedgesville, so it’s exciting playing them.”

Q: “What are your other hobbies outside of football?”

A(Smith): “When I’m not here with the football team, I spend
all my extra time with my wife and my four month old son.”



Overall, coach Smith is most excited to see the players continue and grow the rest of this season. With lots of  veteran players injured right now, many new players are getting extra time on the field and getting to show their strengths. The future for the Musselman football team is definitely looking very bright.