Lacrosse Season Snapshot


The 2022-2023 Applemen Lacrosse team.

Austin Sines, Sports Journalist

In Musselman’s last lacrosse game they lost big to Spring Mills who are three time state champs. The hope to have a big win against Stronghold Lax club who they beat earlier in the season was strong going into the game. Currently they rank 3rd in the EPAC with a record of 3-4.

On April 27th, first quarter started off fast as Musselman takes an early lead. The teams both played solid defense until Stronghold put a point on the board. Musselman came back with two more goals for themselves. They went into the second quarter leading 4-1. The trend of the game stayed the same as Musselman got yet another goal. Stronghold looked to make a return as they played good defense and ended up getting the next two goals. Musselman looked to go into the half ending on a good note as they got the final goal of the half.

The second half was underway and this time Stronghold got the first two goals trying to climb their way back into the game. Stronghold was now trailing by one as the game slowed down. The teams went back and fourth until Stronghold scored once again tying it. Musselman was then determined to get the lead back as they scored the next two goals to end the quarter.

The 4th quarter started and Musselman lead 8-6. Stronghold started off trying to go on a run as they got the first goal of the fourth. Musselman playing good defense turned into good offense as Musselman got three straight goals ending the game 11-7 Musselman. The captain of the team Trent “Becky” Whitmer had a great game ending with 5 goals and 4 assists.