EPAC Championship Track&Field


Pictured, Troy Woolaston (left), Zavier Pollard (middle), and Caleb Conley (right) attend the track and field EPAC.

Ashton Kerns, Sports Journalist

As the spring sports season comes to a soon end, many athletes are trying their best to attain goals. Xavier Pollard and Troy Woolaston are two MuHS track and field athletes that have been working towards their goals, even if they don’t reach them this season.

They both had set a goal they greatly wanted to achieve at placing 1st in their shot competition at EPAC. During the meet, both Pollard and Woolaston placed out of 16 other athletes to go to finals.

During finals, both put in great effort, but fell shy of their goal of taking 1st, as Pollard placed 4th and Woolaston placed 6th. Despite not reaching their goal, they were not too torn down by their performance.

When Woolaston was asked what he took away from this amazing experience he simply replied, “I now know that I must push myself harder on and off the field to achieve some of my goals along with encouraging my teammates more often.”

According to both, this was a great experience and there is still time in the season– far from over. With the upcoming regionals and our athletes performances, we wish them all the best of luck and we hope that they can make it to states!