Scrimmage gives Applemen Basketball pre-season practice


Austin Sines, Sports Journalist

The Musselman boys basketball team had their first scrimmage on Nov. 22nd against Keyser. As the team warmed up you could feel the nerves in the air as it was a big game for the entire team. This was the first time the entire team played together in a regulation game. There was a surprising amount of fans for a scrimmage especially one over Thanksgiving break. Scrimmages are a little different then regular games at the end of each quarter the score restarts.

The teams got in their spots waiting for the ball to be thrown up. Musselman won the tip and started with possession. They swung the ball until they put the first points on the board. About halfway through the first quarter we led 9-5 and the whole lineup then got subbed. The second team did just as well keeping the lead and even expanding making the score 20-10.

The second quarter began and Musselman began to think they had it in the bag. You could see the effort just wasn’t there. Two minutes into the quarter and Keyser was already up 7-3. We unfortunately couldn’t get a lead by the end going into half trailing by 5. The difference between the first and second quarter was night and day. In the second quarter we didn’t have a lead once.

The third quarter began and we were hoping to come back. Both teams had a slow start with the first three minutes going back and forth with neither team scoring.

Finally, Musselman scored after multiple possessions with nothing. We led the quarter 7-2 with one minute remaining. Keyser closed the gap and gained the lead putting them up 1, 8-9.

The fourth quarter started and again our energy was still low from the first half. It just didn’t look like we wanted to win. We had the skill and talent but our energy kept us from winning. Keyser was leading 6-7 with a minute remaining. They expanded their lead to 10-6 which made the final score 42-42.