Season Snapshot: Basketball’s Lady Applemen


Karl Collo

Janiyah Lindsay, a senior point guard and shooting guard for the Lady Applemen Varsity.

Chloe Womble, Sports Journalist

The air is getting colder and that means a new wave of sports starting up. The Lady Applemen are excited to be back in season. Last year the team made it all the way to regionals before losing to the Martinsburg Bulldogs. The teams are set. This year The Lady Applemen have a Varsity team and a JV team. I talked to senior players Janiyah Lindsay and Patience Ritchie to see what their season favorites are. Later, I caught up with Coach Elliott to talk about what the new season will bring.

Janiyah Lindsay is a 5’6 point guard and shooting guard for the Lady Applemen. She has been on varsity for three years. She is a role model for all the younger and senior players.

Q: What is your goal for your senior season?
A(Lindsay): To leave the program better than it started.

Q: Favorite jersey color to wear?
A(Lindsay): White

Q: What is your favorite play?
A(Lindsay): Triangle (a man-to-man offensive play)

Patience Ritchie, a senior center for the Lady Applemen. (Karl Collo)


Patience Ritchie is a 5’9 center for the Lady Applemen. She has been on varsity for three years. She is a great leader on and off the floor for the team.

Q: Favorite play the team runs?
A(Ritchie): Triangle (a man-to-man offensive play)

Q: What is your favorite jersey color to play in?
A(Ritchie): White

Q: What is your favorite offensive move?
A: (Ritchie)The spin move


Coach Elliott is the head coach for the Varsity team. He also teaches History in the PLC. I got the chance to ask him about what the Lady Applemen are bringing to the court this year.

Q: What is your favorite part of coaching girls’ basketball?
A(Elliott): The game of basketball is such a joy. Watching the team work together, watching individuals get better every day. And seeing each Lady Applemen learn to preserve through hardships to become stronger.

Q: What is your favorite offensive and defensive play?
A(Elliott): Favorite offensive play: Notre Dame. Favorite defensive play: GreenX or a 1-2-11 press.

Q: What is the goal for this season?
A(Elliott): Trust the process to help players grow and get to the next level to continue their education.

Q: Coach Elliott can you explain the team’s positivity train?

Depicted is Coach Elliot leading the Lady Applemen during an away games. (Karl Collo)

A(Elliott): The positivity train is this concept we are implementing this year to make sure we always look at the good things in life. Education, basketball, life, and all the hardships that we can overcome. Complaining won’t help conquer them; only solutions and trying to implement the solutions could help us. So this year you must have a solution before you mention the complaint. We are going to share positive experiences with each other, hype each other up every chance we get, and reflect our growth.  That way we can ride the Positivity Train to the Depot! If you ain’t down with that take the Negativity Bus out the door.