Teacher Highlights: Mr. Hartman


Riley Shank

Mr. Hartman, a co-teacher at Musselman High School. Although this is his first year at MUHS, Mr. Hartman has been involved with the school for some years prior.

Zakery Foard, Journalist

At MUHS, co-teachers are an integral  part of student success within and beyond the classroom. One of those teachers that has joined the staffing ranks is Mr. Hartman. Mr. Hartman is one of the new collaborative teachers at Musselman High this year, but is not stranger to the building. After graduation and becoming a MUHS almuni, he went to college. Now he enjoys teaching and coaching here at Musselman High.


Q: What’s your favorite part about teaching?

A: Getting to interact with the students and being able to make a positive impact. Being a part of a collaborative team really helps us to reach students who may need some extra help in the classroom. 


Q: Is this your first year teaching?

A: No, I have worked here for 17 years, but this is my first year being a collaborative teacher.


Q: What did you do before collaborative teaching?

A: I was a day-to-day substitute teacher. I would often be in the building.


Q: Why do you do collaborative teaching now?

A: It allows me to give special education students general classes. Students that need a extra help are who I help in classes.


Q: What do you want to accomplish?

A: I want to have success in the classroom for not only myself but for my students as well, and I want be a positive member of the staff.


Q: What did you do before becoming a teacher?

A: I went to college.


Q: How much do you enjoy teaching, and why?

A: I give it a 10/10 because I love teaching and coaching.


Q: If you had to teach a different subject, what would it be?

A: Driver’s education. I believe that the skill of driving holds significant importance, and I would like to help the newer generation be better drivers.


Q: What kind of things do you like to do outside of school?

A: I enjoy exercising, watching sports, spending time with my family, and coaching.


Q: Is there anything else I should know about you?

A: I have a 24 year old daughter named Destiny, I graduated here at Musselman

     High School, I have been part of the coaching staff since 2007, and I like to play pool.