How Musselman is Giving Thanks this Year

Brigette Ware, Journalist

Cider press interviewed many students and teachers asking what they’re thankful for and why. We had lots of good and even interesting responses. Most of our responses were family and their jobs, but here’s just a few of the great responses we got.

Miss Kirkpatrick, an English teacher, says she’s thankful to come to work in a place where everyone is so kind.

Jenna Freeman, a senior, says she’s thankful for her friends.

Gabi Fabiano, a sophomore is thankful for her friends, and family.

Hannah Worthington, a sophomore is thankful for food and her friends.

Bryce Marple, a junior, is thankful for his job and his shoes.

Alexis Levie, Musselman High School Senior, says she’s thankful for her friends and family and her car.

Miss Cortez, an English teacher, says she’s thankful for her job and her paycheck from Covid.

Cameron Anderson, a senior, told us that he is is thankful for his job.

Kahlie Weadon, a senior, is thankful for her car.

Kaitlyn Benner, a senior, says she’s also thankful for her friends and her mom.

Mr. Mott says, “I am thankful for the food I have, water, my life, the air I breathe, the people I surround myself with and wake up every morning to come teach, to give strength, to be a reason.” Mott also says his job is his reason as well because he enjoys being able to influence others to be the best versions of themselves. Mott moves onto his family and says, ” I am thankful for my wife because she helped me become the man I am today. I am thankful for my son because being a parent taught me how to be selfless, my daughters because they softened my heart and I now understand what its like to want the absolute best for your children and doing everything it takes to make it happen.” Mr Mott ends with how he’s also thankful for America and Freedom,

The CiderPress News had a wonderful opportunity to see how us Applemen spread not only positivity but also how we show
appreciation of our peers and loved ones. We hope every single person has a fantastic Thanksgiving break! Enjoy some good grub and cherish this time with your family!