New librarian checks in: Mrs. Beddow


Riley Shank

Mrs. Beddow, Mussleman High School’s new librarian.

Tyler Kidwell , Journalist

Last year’s librarian has been checked out, and newly checked in is the replacement Mrs. Beddow. She has taken the reins as the new librarian this year at Musselman High School, however she is not a new teacher. Mrs. Beddow was the Business and Marketing teacher for 10 years here before Mr. Thomas took her place and she was also the Yearbook director for six years.
Mrs. Beddow volunteered to be the new librarian after Mrs. Oldfield’s departure, for she wanted to be closer to books. She has always loved reading, and she was unable to do that as much as a Business and marketing teacher. She looks forward to having kids use the library this year since last year it was shut off entirely.

Musselman High School Library. (Riley Shank)

Recently Mrs. Beddow has established a new policy for the library: a pass. To obtain a pass you must go to the library before first period and sign up to be on the list. Mrs. Beddow, when asked about this new policy, stated, “I originally wanted to do passes at the beginning of the year but it did not materialize, because everything I wanted to do would have been a pass that would need to be given back to me. With covid I just necessarily didn’t want to do that, and that is why we came up with the bracelet and QR code scanner.” From the looks of things this seems to be something that won’t go away anytime soon, and should be expected for the foreseeable future.

Now that Mrs. Beddow has become a librarian; she also has taken over the role as the curator of the Library Club. When asked what her plans for it would be this year, she explained that they would be doing many things this year.

Some of these things would include reading books to children during club days, and also reading books online to help locate good E-books for elementary schools for kids to listen to in their libraries. More recent events coming up are participating in the student council’s trunk or treat, as well as wanting to do trick or treating with the preschoolers. You can still join the library club if you missed the club drive a while ago. You should visit the library and ask for a club form if you are interested and return it to Mrs. Beddow for you to join.