Spinning Around Inwood’s Roundabouts

Tyler Kidwell, Journalist

The roundabouts that have been under construction for the past couple of years have caused a lot of discussion in the local community. With the ongoing construction it’s no surprise that it has led to murmurs of positive and negative criticism, some jokes as well.

From what has been gathered there is no definitive consensus to whether the roundabouts are good or bad for Inwood. However, one clear opinion remains the same. Among all those interviewed they all agree that it is hard to navigate for new and older drivers. According to Mrs. Craigo, a creative writing teacher at MUHS, who shared her experience, “It was just this morning. It was an older person who stopped at every yield sign even though there was no traffic.”

MuHS pulled an April Fools Day prank on students and staff by creating a small roundabout in the main hallway.
Picture by Musselman High Facebook.

Another common opinion is on the construction of the Inwood roundabouts. Everyone is aware that they are here to reduce traffic on the roadways, yet some people are up in arms at the amount of time that it has taken. A person who bridges these opinions well is Ms. Butscher who states, “It seems to be taking a long time, but also they (construction workers) do not want them rushed and unsafe.”

Overall the roundabouts do a good job at what they are designed for, however it will take some getting used to by the local community. Once construction finishes, and everyone adjusts accordingly to the new traffic flow, things will be fine and dandy. Mrs. Deters, a physics teacher at MUHS, backs up this claim by stating, “Once you drive the roundabouts everyday it’s not confusing anymore.”