Black History Month Observed

Skyy Kuykendall and Aaliyah Peyton, Journalist

As we say goodbye to 2022, we kick off the new year with one of the most important months– February’s Black History month. Many people have differing practices and beliefs about Black History month: Musselman High students and teachers included.

Black history month was founded in 1915 by Dr. Carter G. Woodson to celebrate and preserve the identity of black people within America; however, Dr. Woodsons idea wouldn’t be fully established until 1986 when congress passed February to be the official “National Black (Afro American) History month.”

Black history month in the modern day consists of mostly making homage to past parts of America that many African Americans contributed to with no recognition. For instance the invention of the lightbulb. Lewis Latimer, a recently freed slave at the time, provided a great deal towards its’ creation.

As stated prior, many people have differing views and practices when it comes to celebrating this month, including but not limited to the diverse opinions of Musselman High’s students.

When being questioned about Black History month, students often agreed with its importance; however, those who were especially interested in the topic went further into discussing the new events with the revitalization of Madam C.J Walker’s hair care for those with non straight hair.

When questioning these enthusiastic students they often commented about themselves or their friends who have had difficulties finding hair care products that were both affordable and effective before. They expressed their frustration with these issues and their anticipation for the future of black hair care.

These recognitions, that were previously unknown, remain vital to communities to help understand the importance of African Americans and how they helped shape America as we know it today. Conversations about struggles also remain relevant and valid so that an issue, such as but not limited to, black hair care, can be resolved by all parties involved.