Applemen Swimming Coach Wins EPAC Coach of the Year


Ashton Kerns, Sports Journalist

Mr. Barker, a Musselman alumni, teacher, and swim coach at MuHS recently received the honor of EPAC Swim Coach of the year.

Many high school athletes across the world have a dream they want to follow and pursue. On average, many of those student athletes specifically dream of becoming a professional athlete. This also goes for coaches who want to have a professional career or be recognized wether it may be in a school or on the big stage on TV.

The head coach of MuHS’s swimming team, Mr. Barker, has been very successful the past few years and is seeking new insights for other high schoolers interested in swimming.

“I encourage them to give it a shot!” stated Barker.

Not only has he been successful with the team, but he was also awarded as the swim coach of the year. He felt that it made him an even better coach not only for himself but for his team. Mr. Barker stated that he has been with the school program for four years and was appreciative of receiving such an amazing award, but more than anything, he is very proud of his team.