Jostens Renaissance School of Distinction


Members of the Leadership class celebrating their Silver Tier win from the Jostens Renaissance Global Conference this summer.

Sydney Dugan, Editor-in-Chief

Musselman High School has been recognized as a Jostens Renaissance School of Distinction at the Jostens Renaissance Global Conference this summer.

High schools across the country that attended the conference applied to be considered for the distinction. MuHS earned a Silver Tier School of Distinction for all the efforts the program puts in for the school’s students.

At MuHS, the Renaissance program was adopted during the 2007-2008 school year. The program has since allowed students to earn rewards for academics and attendance, as well as celebrate through events to promote student engagement and reward.

Ms. Brooks, a math and the leadership teacher at MuHS, was proud of the work her students put in to win the award and has high hopes for an even higher-tier win next year.

“I’m really proud of us for doing the application and taking students to the national conference after years of Covid. I believe we have potential to reach a higher tier, like platinum, but we realized that there will be some things we need to do to reach it,” stated Brooks.

When asked if they’ve already started the application for next year, Brooks excitedly stated, “We’ve already started our new application and we are doing what we need to reach that platinum status. We are definitely upping it so that we can get that high status. We do so much at this school to reward our students and our students deserve that recognition.”