Nintendo DS is Still Relevant Today


Cider Press

Zak Foard, a MuHS sophomore, plays his 3DSXL. Hand held Nintendo devices are still popular today.

Zakery Foard, Journalist

With the Switch being the most recent device released by Nintendo, it was meant to overshadow both the home consoles (the Wii U) and the handheld devices (the DSs). Even with the release of the Switch however, I still love to play games on my 3DS. There is just something about the older games that keeps them being just as fun if not more fun than some of the games on the Switch. I wondered if other people felt the same way, so I went around and asked a few.

Quite a few people still have a 3DS (or 3DSXL) that they still enjoy using today. Here is what a few people said about their 3DSs (or 3DSXLs):

Micaelia Chambers said “It brings back nostalgia.”

Michael White said “It has older Pokemon games.”

Lily Davis said “I like to look at pictures I took when I was 8.”

The DSs are commonly used for nostalgic purposes or retro gaming. Due to that, it may seem that the DSs may fade away, but I think they will still be around for at least another console release. Even if the DSs themselves stop being used, I’m sure their games will live on in future devices. A good reason why I believe that is because the switch has apps that allow you to play games from the original NES and SNES, giving new life to some of the oldest Nintendo games! Unfortunately, I could not find anyone who still uses an older DS, but even when the newer DSs eventually disappear, I will never forget about them.