DIY Valentine Day Gift

Makenna Doyle, Journalist

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating romantic love, friendship, and affection. It’s
celebrated on February 14. With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, finding ideas for gifts is
difficult. Making an origami heart for loved ones goes great with gifts or alone. This Valentine’s
Day give your loved ones an origami heart to let them know how much they mean to you.

Items Needed

● Paper
● (optional) crayons, markers, glitter, etc

1. Get a piece of paper
2. Fold paper into a triangle both ways
3. Fold the leftover paper up
4. Flip the paper over
5. Fold in half to meet with
6. Flip over again7. Gently fold into a triangle
8. Fold top layer to the middle
9. Repeat on other side
10. Fold sides in11. Fold paper in half
12. Fold up bottom corners up
13. Fold down top layer
14. Tuck the corners in
15. Fold down top points diagonally
16. Tuck in corners again