Blog: Being a mom for a day…it’s not easy

Trinity Carey, Journalist

Here at Musselman High School, students can take a variety of elective classes. One of the electives is called Human Development class. Throughout that class, each student will be given an electronic baby that will act like a real one. Students must tend to and take care of the baby as if it were real. The following is a first hand student experience with taking care of the babies.

Trinity Carey

It’s not as easy as it looks…

Over the weekend a few weeks ago I had to take a baby home for my human development class. I named the baby Aysia, which was really just the first name that came to my mind. I thought it was going to be easy and I would get a really good grade on it. But no. I lied to myself.

It was way harder than I thought. The babies usually have a pattern on what they need, but I could not figure out what the baby needed. The pattern usually is nap, diaper change, bottle, burp, and another nap. The baby I had would follow that pattern sometimes but not all the time, which honestly is similar to how a baby would truly act when I thought about it.

Sometimes the routine switched around and it was very stressful. I didn’t get much sleep and I was up most of the night. Also, I went to the mall durning that weekend and Aysia screamed most of the time. I was just very stressed out.

This experience showed me that I’m not ready to have kids anytime soon, especially since I failed the assignment the first time, and I am now doing it again. It’s not as hard this time, since I know what to expect.