Opinion: Valentine’s Day Overrated?


Valentine’s Day is approaching, meaning the chance to show affection to your loved one is putting on the pressure. Some clubs at MUHS are helping students to

Trinity Carey, Journalist

Valentines Day. The holiday celebrating love. Some love it. Some hate it. With the day coming up so soon, I decided to interview students and staff at MUHS about their opinions on the day, and I got a lot of input.

I went around and I asked everyone if they liked or disliked the day, and many students mentioned that they liked the holiday for various reasons. The main reason people stated for why they like Valentines Day was for the candy they receive. Other reasons were for the special gifts and time spent with their significant others.

There were some people who were neutral on the topic. They don’t like or dislike Valentines Day. Mr Long, a freshman English teacher at MUHS, felt the same and stated, “It should be celebrated everyday, but some people find value in the day.” I also had an anonymous person tell me they are neutral because it doesn’t matter and they don’t care.

Even with many responses in favor of the holiday, I had a good amount of people who said they don’t like Valentines Day. Some reasons they said they don’t like Valentines Day are “they are single” or “its just another day.”

I know how they feel.

Well, more accurately, I know how they feel because I have never experienced Valentine’s Day in a relationship. I have experienced getting gifts like chocolate and flowers from my grandma. It really is just another day and sadly it’s on a Monday this year and we have school (rolling eye emoji). Valentine’s Day is really over hyped when you think about it. People make make it all about love and receiving flowers when in reality it’s just another boring day with the same schedule (for single people at least). When your in a relationship you shouldn’t get flowers and candy on one specific day it should be everyday and you should feel loved by your significant other everyday.

Even here at MUHS, multiple teachers stated that they believe Valentines Day is just another day because you should treat your significant other like that everyday; buy them flowers, candy, treat them with love, etc. I interviewed Ms. Allen and Ms. Levi and they both agreed Valentines Day is like any other day.

Overall everybody just has different opinions on Valentines Day, mine just happens to be that it’s nothing worth nothing at the moment.