Scheduling for 2022-2023 School Year: What to Know


Riley Shank

Jenna Freeman works on filling out the scheduling paper for next year. MUHS students can expect to complete their scheduling choices within the next few weeks.

Tyler Kidwell, Journalist

Scheduling can be a rough time for a student, especially for those who never had a chance to do it in person. Due to covid last year scheduling was done via an online form. That form then needed to be printed off and turned into the office. Many students did complete the form; however, for kids who either did not see it or for those who did not have the internet, they did not turn it in.

This year will be different, with us now in the building, as the guidance office can now properly schedule for next year with some in person information settings. The counselors will be going to classrooms to explain how scheduling works and what they are to expect for the next year. A form will be handed out; however. you will be required to return the scheduling form within a certain time frame.

Pictured is the scheduling form for the upcoming school year. Students should fill out the form to indicate what classes they would like to take next year. (Riley Shank )

Time frame for each class is as follows: 

Freshman:  Starts January 12th-13th and ends January 19th-20th

Sophomores: Starts January 14th-18th and ends January 21st-24th

Juniors: Starts January 25th-26th and ends January 31st-February 1st

For those who may miss this deadline, do not stress. Scheduling can be a hard process and the deadline is not absolute. If you miss the deadline try your best to turn it in as soon as possible. If you do not turn it in, you will be assigned classes at random, and most likely won’t get any classes you want. Classes also have limits, so it’s best to turn it in earlier to help your chances of getting in the class.

If you are unsure what classes to pick, be sure to listen into the video that the counselors will show. In the video, it outlines all the requirements needed on how to be eligible for certain things when you graduate. Whether your goal is a 4-year college or a career right out of high school, there is always some form of education needed for any job and choosing the right class will help you reach that goal. For example, to be eligible to go into the military you should take certain classes that help you prepare to sign up right out of high school, such as ROTC. This information and more will be shared when the video is shown. If you’re concerned about being in a grade, and unsure about what you should take, there is a video designed specifically for each grade in the school that outlines what you should be taking to stay on track for graduation and beyond.

If you are missing credits and are behind, there are multiple options available to help make up the credits. One of these is having your electives be used for making up a class you had received an F in. To get a credit you must achieve a grade of D or higher in the class needed to be made up. Understand that without the proper credits you will not be able to graduate from high school.

Using elective slots is only one way to stay on track for graduation; however, there are more ways to make up the credits. Since we have added an eighth period, it gives students who may have failed a class, a chance to use this bonus elective to make up classes. The amount of credits needed to graduate have not been altered in the slightest, but it is best to utilize this opportunity to fix any mistake you had made along the way. If the methods during normal school hours do not work, there are other options to help you make up a credit. One such option would be night school.

Night school is another option to help make up missed credits. Night classes will take place over the course of four days. It starts at 2:45pm and ends at 6:15 pm. When you sign up for a class you must attend at least one day a week until you finish the class as well as finish it before the semester ends or you will still get an F in that class you worked on making up. This method is free, and the only thing it asks of you is commitment.

The final solution takes place over the summer, aptly titled summer school. Summer school is where you go to school during the summer as the name implies. You can use summer school as a means to either make up a credit, or take other credits during the summer to get them out of the way early to help free up electives. Summer school is not free however, the rate it has been for awhile is 250 dollars. Thanks to Covid last year, summer school was free. Sadly, that is not the current situation, as it stands it will cost per child sent to summer school. If you are on the list for free reduced lunch, you can get a discount which helps lessen the price of schooling. The current price is not yet known, for there is no more information currently available. The information will be accessible on the 16th of April.